Millie Bobby Brown Wrote A Novel & Is Already Planning A Movie Adaptation

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Stranger Things and Enola Holmes star Millie Bobby Brown wrote a novel titled Nineteen Steps and is already planning to turn it into a feature film.

Millie Bobby Brown in Damsel


  • Millie Bobby Brown plans to adapt her debut novel, Nineteen Steps, into a movie, revealing that was the intention behind the book.
  • Nineteen Steps is a historical fiction novel based on a real-life mystery involving Brown's grandmother during World War II.
  • Despite controversy over the use of a ghostwriter, Brown is passionate about the novel and has big plans for adapting it into a movie, potentially continuing her creative collaboration with Netflix.

Millie Bobby Brown already has plans to turn her new novel, Nineteen Steps, into a movie. The British actress is best known for her breakthrough role as Eleven in Netflix's Stranger Things, which she started playing when she was 12 years old. From there, Brown made her feature film debut in Godzilla: King of the Monsters and respired her role in the sequel, Godzilla vs. Kong. She also stars in and produces the Enola Holmes mystery movies for Netflix. However, Brown's latest project is not a TV show or movie, but a book.

Appearing on Lorraine to promote her new debut novel Nineteen Steps, Millie Bobby Brown revealed she already has plans to adapt the book into a movie.

When asked if Nineteen Steps will be adapted into a movie, Brown answered "Yes, definitely. That was the intention behind it. Naturally, I just want to create more, so, yes, this is a great foundation."

What Is Millie Bobby Brown's Nineteen Steps About?

Millie Bobby Brown in Damsel

Nineteen Steps, which is on sale now, is a historical fiction novel that takes place during World War II in London's East End and is based on the early life of Brown's own grandmother, Ruth, who passed away in 2020. The story specifically follows an 18-year-old girl named Nellie Morris who is set on marrying her childhood sweetheart, an air raid warden named Billy, but falls for a handsome American airman named Ray. However, her world is truly turned upside down when an air raid results in an unspeakable tragedy.

Brown's book was actually ghostwritten by author Kathleen McGurl, which has sparked some controversy about celebrities using ghostwriters without giving them proper credit. On Instagram, Brown has made numerous posts promoting Nineteen Steps, which only has her name on the front cover. However, she did make one post acknowledging her "collaborator," Kathleen McGurl.

Despite the ghostwriter controversy, Brown appears passionate about the novel which tells her grandmother's story, and has big plans for adapting it into a movie. Millie Bobby Brown is a bonafide producer thanks to Enola Holmes and the upcoming movie Damsel. Given her interest in adapting Nineteen Steps to the screen, it's easy to imagine her continuing this creative collaboration by producing, and perhaps starring in the project for Netflix.

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