Timothee Chalamet As Robin In New Art Makes A Great Case For This Popular The Batman 2 Fan-Casting

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Timothee Chalamet joins Robert Pattinson's Dark Knight as Robin in new The Batman - Part II fan art, showing how he would look like as the Boy Wonder.

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  • Timothee Chalamet could potentially play Robin in The Batman - Part II, as fan art imagines him in the Robin suit.
  • The design for Robin in The Batman - Part II combines elements from Robert Pattinson's Batsuit and previous live-action Robin costumes.
  • The introduction of Robin in the franchise raises ethical questions about Batman taking on a young sidekick and there are different options for how they could handle the character's backstory and age.

New The Batman - Part II fan art imagines Timothee Chalamet as Robin in Matt Reeves' independent DC Universe. Following its 2022 reboot, The Batman universe is just getting started as Reeves is building out his own world around Robert Pattinson's Caped Crusader. While the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes are still in effect, The Batman - Part II is still on its way, with details currently being kept under wraps.

One of the biggest rumors that have been floating around is that Dick Grayson, a.k.a. Robin, is supposedly making his debut in The Batman - Part II, although Warner Bros. Discovery has yet to confirm nor deny said reports. A favored candidate for the iconic DC role is Chalamet, and to give a better idea of what he could look like as Robin, Buffy2Ville shared artwork with the Dune actor in the suit.

This design for Robin in The Batman - Part II is a mixture of Pattinson's original Batsuit while also drawing some inspiration from the Robin live-action costumes on Titans. The last time Dick was featured in a DC live-action movie was in Batman & Robin when Chris O'Donnell portrayed him in 1997, following his debut in Batman Forever.

Will The Batman 2 Introduce A Robin For Robert Pattinson's Dark Knight?

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Ever since The Batman press tour, there were a lot of talks from Pattinson about wanting to see Robin in this universe, especially as The Dark Knight trilogy skipped tackling the Bat-Family. While The Batman franchise is still following a young Caped Crusader at this point, there is nothing preventing The Batman - Part II from actually introducing the famous sidekick. The bigger question is more so about how they would go about it, as there have been discussions about the ethical aspects of Batman taking a kid under his wing to fight crime.

Having Dick come in as a teenager could go either way for The Batman - Part II as it would be faithful to the comics but also still put Bruce in a terrible light. The best way they could handle the introduction of Robin would be if they take some liberties with his backstory and have Dick become the Boy Wonder when he is at least 18, avoiding the potential backlash if he were not a young adult. The other option is that they skip the Robin phase altogether and have Dick enter Bruce's life as Nightwing while being closer in age to the Dark Knight.

Given the Elseworlds nature of The Batman franchise, taking some creative freedom with Dick as Robin or Nightwing wouldn't exactly be too far a stretch. Batman TV shows and movies have occasionally also tinkered with the mythology, and there is no reason why The Batman - Part II and beyond couldn't do that. At the end of the day, if Robin actually does show up in The Batman - Part II, it will be fascinating to see how Reeves will handle the characterization of Dick, especially as he starts building out the Bat-Family in Pattinson's world.

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