UN-Habitat Ambassador, Edoh decries the menace of smuggling among Nigerian youths

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Raymond Edoh, UN-Habitat Ambassador to Nigeria, has decried the activities of smuggling among Nigerian youths.

According to him, there is urgent need for bold measures to curb its adverse impact on the economy.

Edoh stated this during a visit to Acting Comptroller-General of Customs, Bashir Adewale Adeniyi, on Tuesday.

He said the visit was aimed at strategizing and Acting Comptroller-General of Customstake decisive actions to tackle the persistent issue of smuggling affecting the nation’s economy.

Expressing deep concern over the pervasive problem of smuggling, Edoh emphasised the urgent need for bold measures to curb its adverse impact on the economy.

“Smuggling has deeply infiltrated our economy, causing significant harm. We must take decisive steps to combat this issue,” emphasized Dr. Raymond Edoh during his visit.

Edoh said he’s committed to mobilising and empowering youth as a formidable force for change, harnessing their potential to raise awareness and actively contribute to the fight against smuggling.

“We have a motivated, young workforce eager to contribute to our nation’s prosperity. By engaging and mobilising them, we can effectively raise awareness against smuggling.

“The battle against smuggling is just one of the many challenges he has undertaken in his quest to drive positive change throughout the nation,” affirmed Edoh, highlighting the power of collective efforts in combating this pressing issue.

In response to Edoh’s visit and his emphasis on tackling smuggling, CG of Customs, Bashir Adewale Adeniyi, shed light on a critical aspect of the problem. He highlighted the concerning trend of ships arriving in Nigeria often departing empty, underscoring the need to optimise this situation for goods’ export to strengthen the nation’s currency, the naira.

“Ships arriving in Nigeria often return empty, presenting a significant opportunity for us to export goods and boost our economic strength, particularly our national currency, the naira,” noted CG of Customs, Bashir Adewale Adeniyi, underscoring the potential benefits of utilising shipping opportunities effectively.

Accompanying Raymond Edoh were a dedicated and diverse group of individuals, each contributing their expertise to combat smuggling effectively. Their varied roles ranged from international consultation, media affairs, urban and rural development, youth mobilization, and more.

Raymond Edoh, a native of Benue State and a highly educated professional with a Ph.D. in Economics, embodies hope and progress.

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